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Обзор SQLyog MySQL GUI

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SQLyog reviewSQLyog - это один из лучших менеджеров для работы с MySQL. Поддерживаются базы MySQL 4.1.x и выше; HTTP tunneling и SSH туннелирование в случае блокировки стандартного порта для доступа к базе; ODBC импорта/экспорта данных.

Встроены возможности синхронизации данных между базами, создание бэкапа, оповещение о событиях по e-mail. Также вы сможете осуществлять всевозможные операции над базами: создавать их, редактировать, очищать и копировать, даже на другой хост.

Особо интересна опция - экспорт схемы БД в HTML, CSV экспорт/импорт. В SQLyog Enterprise вы также сможете выставлять привелегии разным пользователям. В SQLyog Enterprise есть такая возможность, как HTTP Tunneling - это означает, что если, ваш хостер ограничивает доступ к БД извне, т.е. соединяться с MySQL могут только локальные скрипты, то Вам придётся управлять базой при помощи phpMyAdmin, что не очень-то удобно.

HTTP Tunneling обеспечивает интерфейс через специальный PHP-скрипт к локальной базе хостера для управления с помощью SQLyog!

Download SQLyog:


SQLyog MySQL GUI is the most popular MySQL Manager and MySQL Admin Tool,combining the features of MySQL Query Browser, phpMyAdmin and various other MySQL Front Ends and MySQL Clients in a single intuitive interface. Working with MySQL can sometimes be painful. SQLyog has the ability to take even the most difficult and time consuming tasks and make them a breeze.

Main features of SQLyog:

SQLyog review

Multi-User Management

  • Filter access to specific servers for individual users New!
  • Specify different permissions for different users New!

Find Problem SQL by

  • Querying MySQL Proxy
  • Analysing General Query Log
  • Analysing Slow Query Log
  • Issuing SHOW PROCESSLIST at regular intervals
  • Additionally all the above reports can be exported as CSV


  • Detect MySQL hacking attempts
  • Identify and fix security vulnerabilities

Monitor Replication

  • Get alerts when replication lags behind or if slave has stopped
  • Replication Log details for replication trouble shooting

Server OptimizationBlob viewer SQLyog GUI

  • Deadlock monitoring New!
  • Server Disk Usage Information
  • Completely new set of advisors
  • Monitoring Tools for MySQL Community and Enterprise Servers
  • History/Trend Analysis
  • Quick Performance Tuning and Optimization
  • Analyze MySQL and OS performance data collected over a period of time
  • Error Log Monitoring

Multi-platform Support

  • Monitor MySQL on any platform
  • Available on Windows and Linux
  • Support for both 64-bit and 32-bit Linux
  • Both RPM and Non RPM Package


  • Perpetual Licensing
  • Company wide Unlimited licensing at very attractive prices

User Friendly GUI

  • AJAX interface
  • Simple Descriptions for all performance metrics. Helps you learn MySQL Internals
  • Fully customizable using Javascript and MONyog Object Model
  • Compare unlimited MySQL servers side-by-side on Real time Dashboard
  • Enterprise dashboard helps identify problems quickly

Misc Features

  • Shows Processlist displaying information on running queries as per execution time
  • Inbuilt web-server Does not force to install multiple web-servers & language runtimes like other tools
  • SSH Tunneling Support
  • Get proactive alerts via email and SNMP Traps



SQLyog Schema Designer

The Schema Designer (introduced in SQLyog version 6.1) is a visual interface where tables and table structures can be defined, displayed and manipulated. The Schema Designer provides a convenient graphical way to perform common operations as an alternative to the menu-based way of operation that was always supported. Also the Schema Designer provides a graphical overview of (complete or only parts of) your databases.

Schema Disigner SQLyog


SQLyog Query Builder

SQLyog provides you with a powerful GUI (graphical) Query Builder. The Query Builder is a 'special TAB in the SQL editor area of the program. When the program opens it will display one such tab. You can add more from the 'file' and the 'powertools' menu.


Query Builder SQLyog


SQL Formatter

SQL Formatter SQLyog

More Screenshots:




+1 #1 08.06.2010 21:42
As a developer, SQLyog Enterprise has been one of my essential tools for 7 years now and has never let me down. The Powertools are the icing on the cake and set it above all other DB administration tools I've used.