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Jet Profiler for MySQL 50% discount on Friday 26 October!

Jet Profiler for MySQL  - 50% discount

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Auto Backup for MySQL

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Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition

Box of Professional Edition

Learn More about Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition Download Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition Purchase Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition

Latest version: 3.2

Main features of Professional Edtion

1. Compress the backup SQL files.
2. Unlimited size databases (greater than 100GB) are supported.
3. High-speed backup and restore databases.
4. Use buffer mode to speed up a task.
5. Work as a Windows Service (do not need to login for backing up).
6. Backup files manager.
7. Restore databases from SQL and compressed files.
8. Backup string fields to HEX codes.
9. Backup Index, Views, Stored ProceduresTriggers, Functions and Events.
10. Each file contains all databases or a selected database or a selected table.
11. Email Notice Script is supported if a task failed or an error occured.
12. Backup all newly-created databases and tables on the MySQL server automatically.

The Professional Edition includes all functions and features of the Standard Edition

1. All MySQL character sets are supported, including UTF8, UCS2, LATIN1 and all.
2. All MySQL storage engines and table types are supported, including InnoDB, MyISAM, BDB and all.
3. All MySQL field types are supported, including BLOB, DATE, DECIMAL and all.
4. Create a new folder and named it after DATE_TIME every time for storing the backup files.
5. Backup MySQL views.
6. Backup the selected databases and tables from a server or a database to the other.
7. Automatically restore databases.
8. User-defined backup file name using MACRO variables.
9. Automatically delete the older backup archives based upon dates or the number of backups.
10. Disable shutdown/log off/suspend when a task is running.

Windows 7, 2008 Server, Vista, 2003 Server, XP, 2000, NT and latest version supported

MySQL from 3.23 to the latest version supported

MySQL server run on all Operating System (Linux, UNIX, Windows, MacOS and all) supported



FlySpeed DB Migrate to MySQL

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mysql migrate tool

Database migration under control.

Active Database Software, a company that offers solutions for professional database developers, announces the release of a new version of FlySpeed DB Migrate that enables rapid migration from one database server to another.

FlySpeed DB Migrate to MySQL is a timesaver for database migration to MySQL and data transfer tasks. It successfully copes with two main problems occured during migration to MySQL database server from another:

  • Full transfer of the database tables structure and data in regards to all the fine points of the MySQL database server
  • Data transfer into already existing MySQL tables with ability to maintain data actuality afterwards (single-side synchronization).

Access to MySQL GUI

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DBSync Access to MySQL is a reliable bi-directional database migration GUI tool which allows you to synchronize and convert from:

  • MS Access to MySQLmysql to Access tools
  • MS Access to MS Access
  • MySQL to MS Access
  • MySQL to MySQL.
Synchronize and convert databases from MS Access to MySQL or MySQL to MS Access rapidly, safely and conveniently! Work with a whole database or select only needed tables, fields, indexes and foreign keys to proceed!

Achieve the desired result simply configuring a few parameters through GUI wizard interface or in command line mode! Supports all types of data migration. DBSync for Access & MySQL is also applicable for MySQL database synchronization and migration to another MySQL database or even on another server MySQL.

In addition, DBSync for Access & MySQL is quite well for copying and synchronizing MS Access database with another database, MS Access.




EMS SQL Management Studio for MySQL

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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL is a high performance tool for MySQL database administration and development. It works with any MySQL versions from 3.23 to the newest one and supports all of the latest features including MySQL triggers, views, stored procedures and functions, InnoDB foreign keys, Unicode data and so on. SQL Manager for MySQL allows you to create/edit all MySQL database objects, design MySQL databases visually, run SQL scripts, import and export MySQL database data, manage MySQL users and their privileges and has many other useful features for efficient MySQL administration. SQL Manager for MySQL has a state-of-the-art graphical user interface with well-described wizard system, so clear in use that even a newbie will not be confused with it.


SQL Management Studio 2010 for MySQL components

  • SQL Manager for MySQL - Simplify and automate your MySQL database development process, design, explore and maintain existing MySQL databases, build compound MySQL query statements, manage MySQL database user rights and manipulate data in different ways.
  • Data Export for MySQL - Export MySQL database data to any of 19 most popular data formats, including MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, HTML, ODF and more.
  • Data Import for MySQL - Import data to MySQL database tables from MS Access, MS Excel, CSV, XML and other popular formats via user-friendly wizard interface.
  • Data Pump for MySQL - Migrate from most popular databases (MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, InterBase/Firebird, etс.) to MySQL. Convert database schema and import table data to MySQL database from any ADO-compatible source.
  • Data Generator for MySQL - Generate test data for MySQL database for testing purposes in a simple and direct way. Wide range of data generation parameters, user-friendly wizard interface and useful console utility to automate MySQL test data generation.
  • DB Comparer for MySQL - Compare and synchronize the structure of MySQL databases. Move changes on your development database to production with ease.
  • DB Extract for MySQL - Create MySQL database backups in the form of SQL scripts, script and save your MySQL database structure and table data as a whole or partially.
  • SQL Query for MySQL - Analyze and retrieve your data, build your MySQL queries visually, work with MySQL query plans, build charts based on retrieved data quickly and more.
  • Data Comparer for MySQL - Compare and synchronize the contents of your MySQL databases. Automate your data migrations from development to production database. Customize the MySQL comparison and synchronization process to suit your needs.

SQL Studio Additional Features

  • Handy launch of utilities and services
  • Storing all templates in a single repository
  • Common data source list for all services and utilities
  • Creating complicated tasks and scheduled tasks execution
  • Ability to run external applications from scheduler
  • Storing all task execution logs in one database
  • Creating customized notifications with a variety of delivery options
  • Ability to set visual interface style uniquely for all SQL Studio apps
  • Fast access to EMS Technical Support Service

Обзор Jet Profiler for MySQL

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Jet Profiler for MySQL

is a real-time query performance and diagnostics tool for the MySQL database server. It's core features:

  • Query, table and user performance
  • Graphical visualisation
  • Low overhead
  • User friendly


Feature List
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Query, table and user performance

Jet Profiler focuses on queries, tables and users. This gives you the information you need in order to quickly fix performance problems in your code, such as most frequent queries, most used tables or the busiest users.

Graphical visualisation

query profiler logo

Data is collected, analyzed and displayed in real-time in diagrams, pie charts and tables. The graphical layout allows you to easily drill down and navigate your way through the vital data.

Low overhead

Most of the profiling work is done in the Jet Profiler application, not in the database server. Therefore, the performance hit is normally negligible, around 1%.

User friendly

It supports all MySQL versions. No database server changes are necessary. No agents or separate services are needed. Jet Profiler is a desktop application which runs on your computer. You start it, connect to a server, hit the record button and you can review the results in minutes. Jet Profiler runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Обзор SQLyog MySQL GUI

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SQLyog reviewSQLyog - это один из лучших менеджеров для работы с MySQL. Поддерживаются базы MySQL 4.1.x и выше; HTTP tunneling и SSH туннелирование в случае блокировки стандартного порта для доступа к базе; ODBC импорта/экспорта данных.

Встроены возможности синхронизации данных между базами, создание бэкапа, оповещение о событиях по e-mail. Также вы сможете осуществлять всевозможные операции над базами: создавать их, редактировать, очищать и копировать, даже на другой хост.

Особо интересна опция - экспорт схемы БД в HTML, CSV экспорт/импорт. В SQLyog Enterprise вы также сможете выставлять привелегии разным пользователям. В SQLyog Enterprise есть такая возможность, как HTTP Tunneling - это означает, что если, ваш хостер ограничивает доступ к БД извне, т.е. соединяться с MySQL могут только локальные скрипты, то Вам придётся управлять базой при помощи phpMyAdmin, что не очень-то удобно.

HTTP Tunneling обеспечивает интерфейс через специальный PHP-скрипт к локальной базе хостера для управления с помощью SQLyog!

Download SQLyog:


SQL Maestro for MySQL Overview

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SQL Maestro for MySQL

SQL  Maestro for MySQL

SQL Maestro for MySQL is the premier MySQL admin tool for MySQL database management, control and development. Key features include:

  • Support for all the MySQL server versions from 3.23
  • Easy database object management
  • Database Designer
  • Data management: editing, grouping, sorting and filtering abilities
  • Handy SQL Editor with code folding and multi-threading
  • Visual Query Builder with support for subqueries and UNIONS
  • Working with remote MySQL servers via SSH or HTTP tunnel
  • Data export/import to/from the most popular formats
  • Powerful BLOB Viewer/Editor

The application also provides you with a powerful set of tools to edit and execute SQL scripts, build visual diagrams for numeric data, compose OLAP cubes, and much more.

Easy installation and intuitive interface in combination with support of all the MySQL latest features make it an irreplaceable tool for MySQL on the web or at your local desktop.


Navicat for MySQL Overview

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Navicat MySQL GUI

Navicat for MySQL is a powerful Database administration and development tool for MySQL. It works with any MySQL Database Server from version 3.21 or above, and supports most of the latest MySQL features including Trigger, Stored Procedure, Function, Event, View, and Manage User, etc. Download Navicat Documentation



EMS SQL Manager для MySQL

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Рейтинг пользователей: / 538

EMS SQL Manager для MySQL

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL – это высокопроизводительная программа для разработки и администрирования баз данных MySQL. SQL Manager for MySQL работает с любыми версиями MySQL, начиная с версии 3.23 поддерживает все самые новые функции MySQL, включая триггеры, представления, хранимые процедуры и функции, внешние ключи для таблиц InnoDB, UNICODE данные и другие. SQL Manager for MySQL позволяет быстро и просто создавать и редактировать все объекты баз данных MySQL, визуально проектировать базы данных MySQL, выполнять сценарии SQL, импортировать и экспортировать базы данных MySQL, управлять пользователями и их привилегиями, а также предоставляет множество полезных инструментов для эффективного администрирования MySQL. Современный графический интерфейс и грамотная система мастеров настроек предельно просты и будут понятны даже начинающему пользователю.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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dbForge Studio for MySQL logo

dbForge Studio — это гибкий профессиональный инструмент для разработчиков БД и пользователей MySQL. Он автоматизирует рутинные задачи по разработке и администрированию СУБД MySQL, а также открывает новые возможности для получения лучшего результата.

Вы с легкостью сможете разрабатывать SQL скрипты, хранимые процедуры и функции с парамметрами, составлять и выполнять запросы любой сложности, редактировать данные во всех кодировках, осуществлять их экспорт и импорт, управлять   пользователями, редактировать объекты БД, работать с проектами БД и многое другое. Скачать: документация dbForge Studio for MySQL.


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