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Navicat™ Version 9 is released!!!

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Navicat 9

We are glad to announce the immediate release of version 9 for the Navicat™ for MySQL







New Key features:

  • Enhanced Code Completion
  • Code Formatter
  • Code outline
  • Recovery of Documents from crashes
  • Shortcut to open official online documents
  • Option to show query results below query editor
  • Storing favorite actions as shortcut
  • Enhanced User Interface

What's New:

Significant Improvements made in building SQL Code!

Code/Word CompletionCode  Completion

A more intuitive way to write your SQL statement? Here it comes with Navicat 9! Having assistance with code typing, automatic word completion and database object and attributes browsing. It now provides integrated and fully interactive SQL code assistance system for instant help on writing SQL statement.

Code Folding

Code Folding lets you collapse (hide) and expand (show) sections of your code to make it easier to navigate and read. What you need to do is just to click the plus (+) and minus (-) signs next to the code.

Matched Brace/Bracket Highlighting
Now, when you place the cursor just after a closing (or just before an opening) brace, bracket, or parenthesis. Navicat will try to locate its matching brace, bracket, or parenthesis and highlight their companion with pre-defined colour.

SQL Formatting gets more Systematic!

SQL Beautifier

Looking for a better formatting over SQL statements in Navicat? Now, with the new SQL Beautifier feature, you can format your SQL through a user-defined set of rules. This feature will increase your coding productivity and will improve the readability of your SQL code.

New! Favorites!


Navicat 9 makes it easy for you to return to a particular database object you visit often within easy reach. By adding paths to your favorites list, you can go to those database objects with a single click, instead of having to navigate the connection and databases in Navicat.

Unicode Reports in Report Builder!

Unicode Character Report

Look forward to creating reports with full unicode character support? Available now! Check out the new feature in Report Builder which is included in Navicat Enterprise Version.

More great features!

Object Filter

If you want to narrow the list of database objects displayed in Navicat, why don't you try our Object Filtering feature. Type in text, and only those database objects that start with the specified string are shown.

New Backup Tool

Newly added backup style. With the new feature in Backup, you can now enjoy more! Not only backup entire database, but also individual database objects.

Customer upgrade & purchase
Customers who purchased Navicat within 3 months of these releases are entitled to free upgrade.