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Jet Profiler for MySQL

is a real-time query performance and diagnostics tool for the MySQL database server. It's core features:

  • Query, table and user performance
  • Graphical visualisation
  • Low overhead
  • User friendly


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Query, table and user performance

Jet Profiler focuses on queries, tables and users. This gives you the information you need in order to quickly fix performance problems in your code, such as most frequent queries, most used tables or the busiest users.

Graphical visualisation

Data is collected, analyzed and displayed in real-time in diagrams, pie charts and tables. The graphical layout allows you to easily drill down and navigate your way through the vital data.

Low overhead

Most of the profiling work is done in the Jet Profiler application, not in the database server. Therefore, the performance hit is normally negligible, around 1%.

User friendly

It supports all MySQL versions. No database server changes are necessary. No agents or separate services are needed. Jet Profiler is a desktop application which runs on your computer. You start it, connect to a server, hit the record button and you can review the results in minutes. Jet Profiler runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

MySQL tools – это инструменты для комплексного решение администрирования и разработки баз данных MySQL. MySQL tools - обеспечит вас незаменимыми инструментами для администрирования баз данных и управления их объектами, а также для создания баз данных MySQL, миграции баз, выполнение backup баз MySQL, визуального построения SQL запросов, импорта данных в MySQL, экспорта данных и сравнения данных MySQL.


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