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SQL Maestro for MySQL Overview

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SQL Maestro for MySQL

SQL  Maestro for MySQL

SQL Maestro for MySQL is the premier MySQL admin tool for MySQL database management, control and development. Key features include:

  • Support for all the MySQL server versions from 3.23
  • Easy database object management
  • Database Designer
  • Data management: editing, grouping, sorting and filtering abilities
  • Handy SQL Editor with code folding and multi-threading
  • Visual Query Builder with support for subqueries and UNIONS
  • Working with remote MySQL servers via SSH or HTTP tunnel
  • Data export/import to/from the most popular formats
  • Powerful BLOB Viewer/Editor

The application also provides you with a powerful set of tools to edit and execute SQL scripts, build visual diagrams for numeric data, compose OLAP cubes, and much more.

Easy installation and intuitive interface in combination with support of all the MySQL latest features make it an irreplaceable tool for MySQL on the web or at your local desktop.


SQL Maestro for MySQL is a powerful MySQL front-end tool for server administration and database development.

SQL Maestro for MySQL is designed to meet the requirements of MySQL users and to make the work with the server simpler and more comfortable. Moreover, the tool provides you with a lot of exceptional client-side features making your work with MySQL databases easy and efficient:

  • all versions of MySQL Server support including latest features of MySQL 5.0 and 5.1;

  • user-friendly interface with navigation style, well-described wizard system, quick launch panel for performing the commonest operations. You can choose between tabbed MDI interface and classic one;

  • easy MySQL objects (e.g. tables, views, stored procedures, functions, triggers, InnoDB foreign keys, user privilege extensions, table partitioning, events, etc.) management;

  • Visual Database Designer with reverse engineering and a lot of other features;

  • comfortable access to the MySQL security features;

  • powerful tools for working with SQL queries including Visual Query Builder;

  • flexible customization of the application.

With all its features SQL Maestro for MySQL will be an everyday assistant in your work with MySQL server.

The list of useful features provided for SQL Maestro for MySQL users can be continued. The following advanced features are provided for your use:

  • easy database management: the conception of database profiles gives you the opportunity to connect to databases in one touch and work with the selected databases only;

  • powerful BLOB viewer/editor: opportunity to view and edit the content of the BLOB fields in various representations;

  • data export module: exports data from MySQL tables and queries to files of the 14 most popular formats including MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, HTML, XML, PDF;

  • data import module: imports data to MySQL tables from files of the following formats: MS Excel, MS Access, XML, DBF, TXT and CSV.

The list above is not complete. SQL Maestro for MySQL allows you, for example, to create a new table in a few mouse clicks, to get SQL dump of your metadata and data (even without knowing the syntax), to execute any SQL script, to copy a table from one database to another by drag-n-drop operations or by pressing Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V hot key combinations and a lot of other features.

Database Designer

Database Designer allows you to create physical ER Diagram that will represent objects in your MySQL database. A diagram represents the tables of your database and the relationships between them. The tool is intended for reverse engineering and database modification in an easy and powerful way. It helps you to simplify database maintenance.

You can add an existing MySQL table to the diagram using popup menu in the working area, or with the corresponding link on the Navigation bar. Tables also may be dragged on the diagram from Explorer and the similar to Explorer tools like Object Manager and Object Browser.

All the diagram objects are available for editing. Just double click the object (table or relationship) to view/edit its properties within the corresponding editor.

Along to reverse engineering the tool allows you to apply best fit to the diagram.

You can also see the print preview of the diagram.

Easy and clear features allows you to adjust the scale of the diagram and the position of the visible part. Move, Hand, Zoom tools with a set of shortcuts and a toolset for aligning are also available.

Besides the Database Designer allows you to Load a diagram from file, Save to file, and Save as image (Bitmap, GIF and JPEG formats are supported).

All the ER Diagram elements are customizable.

You can set table height option to resent it on the diagram as caption only, key fields, etc.

You can enable showing of the grid and snap to grid function. Then diagram will be covered by points disposed on the same interval between and when you will move the table or other object, its upper left corner "snaps" to the nearest grid point. Interval between grid points can be changed.

The Colors options are to attune the Designer appearance to your taste.



0 #1 2012-03-02 07:50
I've used Maestro about 5 years. I like it very much. Simple and pretty.

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