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Review SQLyog MySQL GUI

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SQLyog reviewSQLyog - is one of the best managers to work with the database MySQL. This program supports databases MySQL 4.1.x and higher, HTTP tunneling and SSH tunneling in the case of blocking the standard port for database access, ODBC import / export data.

Also built into the program SQLyog possible to synchronize data between databases, creating  backups, notification of events via e-mail. Also, using SQLyog, you can create databases, edit them, clean up and copy, even on another host. Especially noteworthy is interesting option - export database schema in HTML, CSV import / export.

In SQLyog Enterprise you can also display the privileges for different users. Moreover, it is worth noting the possibility of SQLyog Enterprise, as a  HTTP tunneling - this means that if your hoster restricts access to the database from outside, ie, connect to local MySQL can only scripts, you will have to manage the database using phpMyAdmin, which is not very convenient.

HTTP Tunneling provides an interface through a special PHP-script to the local host-based management using SQLyog! In addition to this SQLyog Enterprise can connect to the database is not directly via some gateway using multiple files, you pumped into your website, simulating, thus, treatment of the site to the MySQL database.   Download SQLyog: | Download SQLyog Documentation


SQLyog MySQL GUI is the most popular MySQL Manager and MySQL Admin Tool,combining the features of MySQL Query Browser, phpMyAdmin and various other MySQL Front Ends and MySQL Clients in a single intuitive interface. Working with MySQL can sometimes be painful. SQLyog has the ability to take even the most difficult and time consuming tasks and make them a breeze.

Main features of SQLyog:


Complete Unicode/UTF8 Support

DBA Productivity

  • Restoring/Importing large SQL dumps
  • MySQL 5.x objects support
  • User Management
  • Managing hosted MySQL
  • Connection Manager
  • Index Management
  • Relationship/Foreign Key Manager
  • Reorder Columns
  • Copy objects to another Host with single click
  • Table diagnostics
  • Flush Tools
  • Object Browser
  • Creating/dropping database
  • Optimized for managing Hosted MySQL
  • Multiple database connections
  • Table duplication with two clicks

Developer / User Productivity

  • Multi-colored Tabbed interface for different connections New!
  • Duplicate row data in two clicks New!
  • Favorites Manager
  • HTML Schema Documentation
  • Shortcuts to generate SQL DML statements from schema definition
  • Creating/Dropping/Altering tables
  • Multi-tab Query Editor and Result-set Editor
  • Multiple Query Execution
  • Multi-threaded Query execution - Ability to stop long running queries
  • SQL Templates
  • Excel-style grid interface to view/update resultsets
  • Multi-format Blob editor
  • View data in Grid/Text Mode
  • ResultSet/Data Export to CSV/XML/HTML/Excel
  • Full Support from 3.23.38 to the latest 5.x
  • Support for all MySQL table handlers
  • Excel friendly resultsets/table-data export to clipboard/file
  • Dialog-less table and resultset editor



  • Turbo Speed MySQL Management. Uses native MySQL C API - the fastest way to communicate with MySQL server
  • 100% keyboard friendly
  • Small compact binary
  • Minimal use of Registry
  • Easy migration of User Preferences by dragging and dropping config files.
  • Non-cluttered look and feel, ability to show/hide panes

Nag Screen and Text Links

  • Nag Screen on startup and shutdown displaying SQLyog Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate features
  • Rotating text links showcasing SQLyog Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate features

Optimizing Tools

  • Redundant Index Analyzer New!
  • Schema Optimizer


Advanced Connectivity Options

  • HTTP/HTTPs Tunneling
  • SSH Tunneling
  • SSL Connections

Visual Tools

  • SQL Formatter
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Visual Schema Designer

Enhanced Services

  • Priority access to BETAs, new versions and patches
  • Installation support for 1 month
  • Unlimited Priority Support (Optional)

Enhanced Productivity

  • Smart Autocomplete
  • Intelligent Code Completion

Migration Tools

  • Wizard Driven Migration Toolkit
  • Import tasks can be scheduled

Synchronization Tools

  • Schema Synchronization
  • Data Synchronization
  • Data Synchronization can be scheduled

Other Power Tools

  • Compressed Scheduled Backups New!
  • Notification Services
  • Job Manager

Query Profiling Tools

  • Query Profiler

SQLyog Schema Designer

The Schema Designer (introduced in SQLyog version 6.1) is a visual interface where tables and table structures can be defined, displayed and manipulated. The Schema Designer provides a convenient graphical way to perform common operations as an alternative to the menu-based way of operation that was always supported. Also the Schema Designer provides a graphical overview of (complete or only parts of) your databases.



SQLyog Query Builder

SQLyog provides you with a powerful GUI (graphical) Query Builder. The Query Builder is a 'special TAB in the SQL editor area of the program. When the program opens it will display one such tab. You can add more from the 'file' and the 'powertools' menu.




SQL Formatter


P.S. ... please do not accept this post as an advertisement of the product (I understand perfectly well that nobody will buy it;)) - it is really just software that worth a try ...

More Screenshots:




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+1 #4 Administrator 2010-07-30 12:53
Dear Author,

Thanks for the post. A correction: the features of MONyog have crept in your post. The comprehensive feature list of SQLyog is available here:

Team SQLyog

0 #3 2010-07-27 13:07
Dear Author,

Thanks for the post. A correction: the features of MONyog have crept in your post. The comprehensive feature list of SQLyog is available here: <....>

Team SQLyog
+2 #2 2010-04-15 15:45
SQLyog the best tool with which I had to work.
0 #1 2010-03-26 16:07
You might want to use the tool from

Managing online MySQL servers is more fun that with a standalone client!

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