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Review SQLyog MySQL GUI

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SQLyog reviewSQLyog - is one of the best managers to work with the database MySQL. This program supports databases MySQL 4.1.x and higher, HTTP tunneling and SSH tunneling in the case of blocking the standard port for database access, ODBC import / export data.

Also built into the program SQLyog possible to synchronize data between databases, creating  backups, notification of events via e-mail. Also, using SQLyog, you can create databases, edit them, clean up and copy, even on another host. Especially noteworthy is interesting option - export database schema in HTML, CSV import / export.

In SQLyog Enterprise you can also display the privileges for different users. Moreover, it is worth noting the possibility of SQLyog Enterprise, as a  HTTP tunneling - this means that if your hoster restricts access to the database from outside, ie, connect to local MySQL can only scripts, you will have to manage the database using phpMyAdmin, which is not very convenient.

HTTP Tunneling provides an interface through a special PHP-script to the local host-based management using SQLyog! In addition to this SQLyog Enterprise can connect to the database is not directly via some gateway using multiple files, you pumped into your website, simulating, thus, treatment of the site to the MySQL database.   Download SQLyog: | Download SQLyog Documentation