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dbForge Studio for MySQL 4.00 Released!

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dbForge logodbForge Studio for MySQL 4.00 Maximizes Data Management Potential

Devart January 25, 2010 announced the public availability of dbForge Studio for MySQL 4.00 that supplies database-dealing people with the very data management capabilities they want.

Having accumulated extensive knowledge in data management preferences and routines, Devart has created dbForge Studio for MySQL 4.00 that predicts and delivers expected capabilities in any phase of dealing with data. The users can manage the data from start to finish in one place and with the same little effort as usual.


The highlights of dbForge Studio for MySQL 4.00 include:

  • Data Import. Guided by a click-and-pick wizard, the users can easily import data from seven widely-popular formats (CSV, DBF, MS Access, MS Excel, ODBC, Text, XML) with a multitude of settings to meticulously tune the data.
  • Improved Data Editor. Up to 40 improvements were implemented to create quicker, easier, and more delighted ways for data management. The Data Editor spares tens of mouse clicks a day for you saying nothing of tens of frowns.
  • Pivot Grid. The users can convert large amounts of data into compact and informative summaries - pivot tables. They can rearrange any obscure data by a simple drag of a mouse to get the layout best for understanding data relations and dependencies.
  • Data Reports. Every user can benefit from a modern way of generating reports. Less time and manual work is required – from getting required data from a database, analyzing, to printing it as a smart, clear, and stylish report tuned for each particular case.
  • Virtual Relations on Database Diagram. Besides physically existing foreign key relations, dbForge Studio for MySQL allows creating virtual relations. They help create relations between those tables which storage engine do not support foreign keys. Later virtual relations can be easily converted into physical foreign keys.
  • Command Line Launch for Data and Schema Synchronization Tools. This gives more freedom for the users who perform repeated synchronizations. It takes only to set a desired time to launch the process and then come back to check the desired result at a proper time.
  • Schema Comparison Reports. Keeping records of schema changes is now automated. dbForge Studio for MySQL can generate a clear and attractive comparison reports upon the comparison completion.
  • Improvements to Better Serve Specific Users' Needs. The new version contains many essential improvements that increase the efficiency in working with data. Here are some of them: addition of active database selector to SQL Document, SQL formatting improvements, redesign of stored procedure/function editor and SQL execution parameter editor.

Download a fully-functional 30-day trial version of dbForge Studio for MySQL 4.00 and add its features to the arsenal of your tools.


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