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HeidiSQL 5.0 Beta available

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A new release with lots of new features and bugfixes. To mention some of them:

* Completely rewritten, homebrown database communication layer, supporting Unicode from the very beginning
* Rewritten table editor, now supporting foreign keys and drag'n drop editing
* Rewritten SQL exporter: Removed useless options, dramatically improved performance and added support for views, procedures and triggers
* New feature: Multiple query tabs
* New feature: Create and edit trigger with a new trigger editor
* More native Windows 7 / Aero style support
* Maintenance dialog rewritten, introducing some new options
* New feature: Find text on server, search any group of tables/views for specific text
* Rewritten session manager, including statistics counters
* New feature: Filter list of tables, grid results or variables list
* New feature: "Reformat SQL"
* New feature: Global option to view BLOBs as text in grids
* New feature: "Bulk table editor"
* Rewritten command line parameter parser. Now supports opening multiple files in tabs.
* Many (approximately 300) bugs fixed



+26 #2 sakila 2010-03-15 17:50
Quoting Lech Walesa:
I still see only one drawback - it is the absence of a http tunnel. ;-)

It is possible to connect through HTTP tunnel. read article HeidiSQL and HTTP Tunnel - it works!
+3 #1 2010-02-23 22:52
I still see only one drawback - it is the absence of a http tunnel.

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