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SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.22 Has Been Released

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SQLYog logo SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.22 Has Been Released

January 29th 2010

Changes (as compared to 8.21) include:

Bug Fixes:
* ‘Test connection’ would succeed even if a non-existing database was specified in the database field. Connection would next fail.
* Database name (if any) would erase on clicking OK in error dialog in connection window.
* HTML exports could drop the first character of string output.


dbForge Studio for MySQL 4.00 Released!

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dbForge logodbForge Studio for MySQL 4.00 Maximizes Data Management Potential

Devart January 25, 2010 announced the public availability of dbForge Studio for MySQL 4.00 that supplies database-dealing people with the very data management capabilities they want.

Having accumulated extensive knowledge in data management preferences and routines, Devart has created dbForge Studio for MySQL 4.00 that predicts and delivers expected capabilities in any phase of dealing with data. The users can manage the data from start to finish in one place and with the same little effort as usual.


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