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MySQL Backup/Restore

MySQL Backup/Restore feature

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Saving database structure and data to a SQL script le can be very useful for a variety of reasons. It can help in your data recovery efforts in case of a disaster because you can revert your existing database to the saved snapshot or restore individual database components and data if necessary.

Moreover, during migration while switching from one version of a database or even database system to another, multiversioning can be a handy feature and the possibility to keep multiple copies of the same database in the form of SQL scripts would be indispensable.

Saved text files with SQL scripts describing the structure of the database will always help you to understand the changes made to a database as a whole or its individual elements.

Thus, saving database structure in the form of SQL scripts can be very useful for database documenting and maintaining purposes, hence the presence of a utility capable of fulfilling this kind of task is imperative when speaking of DBA's tools arsenal.



EMS DB Extract

mySQL  Database Extract

EMS DB Extract is an impressive and easy-to-use tool for creating database backups in the form of SQL scripts. The program comes in separate editions for each of the most widely used DBMS servers (SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase/Firebird and DB2) and allows you to save metadata of all database objects as well as table data as database snapshots, so these program capabilities may be applied for migration processes or even may be considered as a solution for creating database backups.


Program features:

  • Possibility to compress the result script and split it into volumes
  • Unicode support
  • Extracting structure and data from several tables of different databases located at one host within one session
  • Saving all parameters set on the current wizard session into a conguration file
  • Possibility to connect to the database via SSH tunnel (for specic DBMS)
  • Automation of the data extraction process with the help of the Console Application
  • A variety of options for customizing the data extraction process
  • Possibility to define constraints for extracted table data
  • Possibility to insert statements for emptying tables before inserting extracted data
  • Extracting table data to SQL scripts as INSERT statements
  • Possibility to extract database objects in the correct order according to their dependencies
  • Program editions for the following DBMS: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase/Firebird and DB2





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