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FAQ on restoring a forgotten root password in MySQL

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mysql password resetHow to recover a lost administrator password?

This article describes what to do if you forget the administrator password or have misplaced the very root-user. The article is intended primarily for beginners, so a description of all the actions described in great detail, but the material may not be without interest and for more experienced users.


Optimizing Count (*) and Limit queries using slow JOIN.

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In many Search/Browse applications you would see main (things) table which contains search fields and dimension tables which contain more information about things and which need to be joined to get query result.

If you’re executing count(*) queries for such result sets MySQL will perform the join even if you use LEFT JOIN so it is not needed which slows down things considerably. In similar way MySQL generates full rows while executing queries with limit before throwing them away which makes queries with high offset values very expensive.

To get better performance you can “Help” MySQL and remove JOIN for count(*) and do JOIN after limiting result set for retrieval queries.


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