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SSH and MySQL Articles | Using SSH Tunneling

Create SSH tunnel for MySQL connections

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Today we consider the organization of SSH tunneling through PUTTY to MySQL.

Some programs require a connection to the database MySQL. For example mysql.exe console or other tools to work with databases of online stores or websites.

Very often, in the application, which requires a connection to the database MySQL, there are only 5 fields:

  • Host
  • Port
  • Login
  • Password
  • Database

Some hosting providers allow direct access to the databases from outside, but others provide access to MySQL only through SSH protocol.

To build a SSH tunnel from your local machine to the database on the hosting, we recommend using PuTTY.

Next, write out step by step process.


Copy file using SSH

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SSH file transfer Sometimes it is necessary to administer our website download files in a context where there is access only for SSH. In this case, you can use SFTP-connection for your site, which will allow  to quickly upload the necessary files on the site. SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol (sometimes called Secure File Transfer Protocol).