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Copy file using SSH

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SSH file transfer Sometimes it is necessary to administer our website download files in a context where there is access only for SSH. In this case, you can use SFTP-connection for your site, which will allow  to quickly upload the necessary files on the site. SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol (sometimes called Secure File Transfer Protocol).


In addition to SFTP file transfer makes it possible to perform additional operations: for example, download file after you hang up, or delete a file on the server and many other operations. For this reason, there are graphical and pseudographic clients for SFTP.

As SFTP-client for Windows can be used WinSCP, PSFTP from package PuTTY or cross-platform ftp-client Filezilla.

In this article we look at the one of the SFTP-Client  WinSCP.
Download SFTP-client WinSCP you can from official site.

WinSCP - a graphical SFTP client for Windows with open source.

WinSCP Interface

WinSCP performs all basic operations with files, such as download and upload of files on server using SSH.
It also allows you to rename files and folders, create folders, change properties of files and folders,
and create symbolic links and shortcuts. One of two interfaces the program also allows you to manage files on your local computer.

Connection with server

Using WinSCP you can connect to the server using SSH (Secure Shell) protocol SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) or SCP (Secure Copy Protocol), usually with machines under OS UNIX. SFTP is a standard implementation of the SSH-2 protocol.  SCP in the same way as standard part of the implementation of the protocol SSH-1. Both of these protocol supported by even the most recent versions of SSH-servers. WinSCP support SSH-1, and SSH-2.

1. Download and install WinSCP.

2. After runing application you will see a window where you must to enter Host name, Username and password:

3. Then press Login.  All ready to copy files via SSH.

Interface WINSCP.

The program offers two user interfaces, each of which can be configured with many parameters. You can choose the interface during installation. Later, you can at any time choose to use interface. If you are just starting to use WinSCP, you may prefer to use Explorer-style interface in Windows Explorer,

as it is well known to all users of Windows. However, if you are accustomed to working in programs
like Total Commander, FAR, Altap Salamander, choose the appropriate interface.

Interface like Total Commander

more convenient to control the keyboard, they can be used at all without a mouse. It also allows you to perform basic operations faster and more clearly.


WinSCP - will be indispensable when copying files to the site using SSH, especially in conditions where there is access only for SSH. WinSCP - this is the best graphical SFTP client for Windows. It also supports protocol SCP. Function is safe copying of files between computers and servers that support these protocols.


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